Communist Party USA Southern Organizing Tour to Launch from Dallas

Originally posted to Texas Communist Party

Although hundreds of Southerners have joined the Communist Party, USA, many of them have never had a sit-down discussion with a party leader. Vice-Chairperson Scotty Marshall and I plan to confront that problem with an organizing tour of Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana November 11-24.

The New Members Committee of CPUSA sent out an invitation: “Interest in the Communist Party, USA is rising across the South. We have gotten inquiries about our party, our program, our philosophy and our strategy, from all the Southern states. Many are asking how to join and become active. Many also want to know how we are organized and how to form clubs or study groups. Many have also participated in our on-line webinars and discussions. Because of this interest, and because we are seeing clusters of inquiries from areas of Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas and Kentucky, we are planning a two week trip through these areas….”

Responses from Southerners were immediate:

“I would strongly urge you to visit Mobile. I know a few of us would love to meet and talk over drinks and good topics.”

“Please do contact me when you make it into Mobile. There aren’t many people to my knowledge that are educated about CPUSA, I’m really looking forward to changing this and becoming more informed myself.”

“I live in Arkansas. You guys should come through Little Rock.”

“Hello from Arkansas! I would Love to meet with you if you come. I live In Hot Springs. Let me know if there is any thing I can do to help on your trip.”

“Where will you be in Kentucky? Thank you for all your hard work!”

“I want to become involved in the activities of the Party again and you can
instruct me on what you might want me to accomplish to prepare for the Southern tour to visit here in Louisville.”

“Yes! I would definitely be interested in meeting with CP-USA when you come through Kentucky.”

“I am trying to get as many as possible to meet with Scott Marshall and Jim Lane in one location, most likely my city of Louisville.”

“If you could, let me know when you’d be available in Louisville Kentucky. And heck you can even give me a call if you like.”

“Howdy, I’d love to meet up. I live in Louisville, KY. I don’t know of anybody else that would be interested in meeting up, but… I might be able to get one or two other people together for a powwow.”

“I have a friend who is very interested in meeting up, and has a place to hold a meeting. Anyway, you’ve got a place to meet and speak here in Louisville.”

“I would like to meet some locals interested in organizing. Will you all be in New Orleans?”

“I would like to be able to get in contact with more people from Baton Rouge and discuss coming together and starting something here. Any information you could give me would be great.”

“I am interested in meeting with you. I live in Memphis. I am not a current member, but am interested in opportunities to find out more about the Party’s work and possibly become a member.”

“I would love to meet with any or all of you to discuss what work you’re doing and how I might be able to help. If you are in Memphis please let me know.”

“We’re both living around the Memphis area, and we’re very interested in meeting with the two of you. We’re extremely enthusiastic to get acquainted with fellow comrades within the national party. Thank you so much for sending this to me.”

“I am interested in joining CPUSA. I live in Memphis. I would like to meet with Scott and Jim if they pass through here.”

Scotty and I have wanted to carry out this tour for some time. We’re hoping to help progressive Southerners come together into regular CPUSA clubs. CPUSA has a rich tradition in the South, and there are a number of longtime comrades scattered here and there. Additionally, young people are more and more realizing that capitalism has no solutions for them and are seeking information from CPUSA.

In addition, Scotty and I intend to report regularly to CPUSA publications so that all progressives in America can better understand Southerners and one another. Our hearts are really into this trip! We depart Dallas and head toward Little Rock November 11!




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3 responses to “Communist Party USA Southern Organizing Tour to Launch from Dallas

  1. Washington

    Wow. Communism and “Democray” both supported on the same page. The two are diametrically opposed to one another. Communism by definition and practice is the complete absence of Democracy ; Democracy is the complete absence of communism. You can’t have the two simultaneously. Democracy is what permits this site to even exist. Communism would force you at gunpoint to stop and shut up (based on the fact that, without exception, when communism is in control it destroys all opposition, written, verbal and otherwise, as proven in every country/regieme where it has ever existed. You can’t deny this fact of history). Communism is neither friendly nor thought invoking, nor does it foster independent thought. In fact, it violently opposes all free thought and free will. Again, this is provable in the communist doctrine, practice and in historical fact. This cannot be disproven by any words that are printed here or spoken in public. A campaign to enact communism here is a campaign to strip you of the very freedom to seek alternate forms of government. The only thing that permits anyone to support communism in the United States is Democracy in our government. If it disappears, you will all lose your right to dissent, to choose, to vote, the think independently of the individual in power. Communism will alway have one ruler, one dictator who controls all aspects of society and of your life ; it is inevitable, again, as proven in history. A success in your goal will be a failure for you personally because you will all lose everything for the gain of the communist ruler.

  2. hastenawait


    I agree with some of what contemporary French philosopher Alain Badiou says on the subject, particularly this:

    “The communist hypothesis remains the good one, I do not see any other. If we have to abandon this hypothesis, then it is no longer worth doing anything at all in the field of collective action. However, to hold on to the Idea, to the existence of this hypothesis, does not mean that we should retain its first form of presentation which was centered on property and State. In fact, what is imposed on us as a task, even as a philosophical obligation, is to help a new mode of existence of the hypothesis to deploy itself.”

    Obviously 20th century socialist states were largely lacking in democracy. But you are mistaken if you think that all communists today want to repeat those formulas. I am a communist, and I am not in favor of contemporary socialist revolutions leading to a single-party dictatorship. If you look at the most vibrant communist movement on the planet today – the one in Nepal – the majority of communists over there (particularly the Maoists) are in favor of a multi-party system. Because of the Maoist people’s war Nepal is more democratic than it has ever been. Their resistance brought about an end to the highly-oppressive monarchy in 2008, and their immediate demand was that free elections be held to create a constituent assembly charged with drafting a new constitution for the country. They wanted Nepal to be a constitutional republic. And now it is one, though highly flawed. The point is that Nepal is more democratic because of the activities of the Maoists than it was under the DICTATOR king who did not allow elections and so on, and who had the support of India and the United States.

    Criticizing 20th century socialist regimes for their lack of democratic practice is completely legitimate. But it’s interesting that you and other apologists for capitalism do so in an attempt to show that capitalism is inherently democratic. It is very true that a degree of democracy has developed in the advanced capitalist countries (though it is constantly under threat) but this was far from automatic. It occured because of centuries of struggle, from those at the bottom of society.

    When the United States was founded the only people who were able to participate in the political process were white male property owners. This was an advance of democracy over the feudal past and absolute monarchies. But it was hardly a democracy for women, white workers, slaves, “free” blacks and Native Americans. Capitalism in its infinite wisdom did not instantaneously provide the MAJORITY with a modicum of rights. Early capitalism was a dictatorship of the propertied classes over the broad masses of the people, and theis situation has only been changed slightly.

    You may rightly criticize aspects of the first attempts to birth socialist societies in human history. But don’t think that the birth of capitalism was any less ugly. Capitalism began to emerge roughly in the 16th century. For the capitalist world-system to be born, European powers had to violently conqueor Asia, Africa, North and South America. Those are FOUR CONTINENTS. Think about what that means. Do you think that this was a pretty process? It involved mass enslavement. To build up the wealth that capitalism required the European powers engaged in wholsale plunder. An actual genocide occured in North America that was more far reaching than what happened in Nazi Germany (a capitalist country, by the way). The majority of the native population was wiped out. I’m sure that as they were dying they were greatful for the “democracy” that was being brought to their lands.

    Can you imagine how much suffering occured in the birth of capitalism? Can you imagine how much culture was destroyed?

    And today, the world’s majority in Asia, Africa and Latin America are still super oppressed and exploited. They are still waiting for the wondrous blessings that capitalism is supposed to bring them, all the while the Earth is being destroyed for profit.

    Communism is by definition the full implementation of democracy, if we’re using Marxist terminology, because communism means that the state and classes have been abolished, and the majority of the people are finally able to take part in the decisions that affect them. Note that no society ruled by a communist party has claimed to have acheived communism. At most, they claimed to be working towards socialism – and the more ambitious claimed that they had acheived socialism. But obviously no modern society has acheived communism in the sense in which we use the term here.

    Also, if you think that the United States government is so keen on democracy, check out what is being revealed by WikiLeaks. Look up COINTELPRO. Look at the Patriot Act. Look at the countless instances of the United States helping to overthrow democratically-elected regimes while supporting right-wing military dictatorships. In 2008 the democratically-elected and popular president of Honduras, for example, was ousted in a right-wing coup. Who were the coup leaders? Well some of them were trained by the United States in the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia; the SOA is an institution that teaches the art of overthrowing governments, torturing and interrogation etc.

    I think it’s becoming increasingly obvious to a lot of people that the continued advance of capitalism is undermining even the modest levels of democracy that have been won through historic struggles. Capitalism no longer has any historically progressive dimension, and abolishing it is a matter of human survival.

  3. hastenawait

    I meant to say that the coup in Honduras took place in 2009 instead of 2008.

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